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The Museum Hotel team would like to inform you about the measures we have taken to cope with the current situation. The coronavirus pandemic is real and it’s our duty to do all we can to help the community remain stable.
These are hard times for most of the businesses, especially the hospitality sector. We are investing all the efforts in keeping our team safe from potential exposures, protecting our guests, suppliers and their businesses and supporting the community.
The Museum Hotel established in 2017 was the first keyless hotel in the UK with integrated physical distancing. The hotel is run remotely as the door locks have been integrated with our booking engine, even the hotel air-conditioning and heating are operated remotely !

Online Booking, Check-in Procedure & Safety

When a guest makes an online reservation whether on our website or partner sites such as or Expedia, a unique code is generated which is then sent via email/SMS to the guests allowing them entry to the hotel and their room. The guest can then proceed straight the room without having to pass a front desk or reception to collect keys or cards. 24 hrs telephone support is provided should guests require any assistance. With this operational model, most guests would not see any staff members during their stay, yet staff would be available if required.
Other safety measures we have taken:

  • Our cleaning and maintenance staff wear personal protective equipment, like masks and gloves.
  • Barrier belts are used to cordon off areas being cleaned to keep physical distance.
  • A personal safety / hygiene pack consisting of gloves, mask and sanitizer is provided to each guest.
  • Hand sanitizer stations are located in the entrance areas and lounge sections.
  • We keep each guestroom vacant for an extended amount of time (24 Hrs) between guests.

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